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Publication: History According to Cattle

The Museum of the History of Cattle is accompanied by a publication History According to Cattle (2015). The book is edited by Gustafsson&Haapoja and it includes presentation of the Museum’s permanent exhibition alongside contextualizing essays by art historian Anne Aurasmaa, philosopher Elisa Aaltola, theorist Kris Forkasiewizc, and researcher, writer Radhika Subramaniam. The publication is available from Into Publishing, and an open-access e-book is available from punctum books.

The world history is written by winners: humans. Still, history includes a multiplicity of agents and processes: other animals, natural forces, microbes and cosmic events, whose perspectives have remained invisible to the recorders of the triumph of human progress.

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Editors: Gustafsson&Haapoja / Laura Gustafsson, Terike Haapoja
Graphic Design: Mia Kivinen
Photography: Noora Geagea, Terike Haapoja, Jori Gustafsson (p.72–81)
Translations: Mike Garner, Silja Kudel (p.106–109)