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Hall 2: Historical Time

Ten thousand years ago, humans came across cattle in several parts of the world. Human culture was revolutionized, thanks to the bovine contribution to work.

Cattle shaped the land from which man got grain. He invented property, trade, slavery, the State, war, and writing systems. Man now had spare time. He recognized his own mortality, and so he invented history. He wanted to trace the landscapes of the past so as to record the spirit of yesterday. Not seeing that life just happens, he tried to bind the details of days gone by into a single, coherent story. Writings are holy to man. What he once defines as history he forever considers the truth. Even so, man is still searching for the limits of memory. Then, one day, all human languages will die, the skill of writing will be forgotten, and the tools for recording rot away.

When human and cattle cultures met, the latter was also much changed. Cattle culture adapted to become part of the human world and its ambitions, both good and bad. Bovines shared with humans, not only their homes, but also their technology, the pursuit of the ideal body, and ultimately, death.