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Hall 3: Ahistoric Time

For as long as humans have recorded history, they have understood the significance of heredity as a foundation for group identity and strength. In order to control others, humans separate children from their parents, ban languages, destroy cultural heritage, and transfer the objects of their mastery into alien spheres of existence.

Differentiation, fragmentation, and dismemberment are features of a human industrial society. All the participants in this culture are mere components in a machine. Even those in control cannot quite see the mechanism in its entirety. With individual tasks being specialized, any part of the machine can easily be replaced.

In their quest for efficiency, humans put an end to cattle history. Intergenerational threads were broken, and the silent heritage became no more than the mournful mooing of a mother for her child. Few are the calves that live with their mothers, let alone one day having offspring of their own to whom to pass on their life wisdom. In the bovine narrative, history starts anew every second, but is repeatedly interrupted.